London, Ontario is an incredible place to live; this is one of the cities that helps show off just how green and beautiful our province is. You will see green from any window in your future home, whether it is a downtown apartment or modern townhouse.  Nature is never far from anyone’s front door in this city.  An experienced real estate agent (like Jeff, with Remax) can help you find the hidden gems throughout the city - beautiful property listings you might not find on your own. Buying or selling a townhome is a tough field to navigate, especially for first time buyers or those who don’t know the city very well. A helping hand is one of the best things that can be offered when you’re feeling lost in such a heavy decision. No one wants to just pick a townhouse complex and grab whatever unit is listed for the lowest price - they want to find a place they can love and call home.

One of the most important things about buying a townhouse, particularly in a university town like London, where so many tenants are students, is understanding the corporation behind the townhouse complex.  Is the area primarily student housing, where there may be minimal attention paid to such amenities as landscaping and more focus on keeping the common area fees very low.  Or is it a complex designed for young families, with the advantages and disadvantages that might entail?  Consider also the future direction of the townhouse and its management, as these factors will have an impact on your resale value at some point.  When it comes to buying a townhouse, in other words, a real estate agent who is more than familiar withthe city of  London and how it is changing is a valuable asset.

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