Land Transfer Tax Calculator
Use the form below to calculate the amount of land transfer tax you will have to pay. Land transfer tax is applied on the sale price only.
Land Transfer Tax Calculator
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Ontario Land Transfer Tax Explained
0.5% – on the first $55,000
1.0% – on portion between $55,000 – $250,000
1.5% – on balance over $250,000
2.0% – on anything over $400,000
Qualifying first time buyers receive up to a $2000 credit

Toronto Land Transfer Tax Explained
0.5% – on the first $55,000
1.0% – on portion between $55,000 – $400,000
2.0% – on anything over $400,000
First time buyers are exempt on the first $400,000


A Buyer has a choice of two relationships with a REALTOR®. As a Client, a real estate company acting as a Buyers Agent must do what is best for the buyer. A written contract, called a Buyer Agency Agreement, establishes buyer agency. It also explains services the company will provide, establishes a fee arrangement for the REALTORs® services and specifies what obligations a buyer may have. Under such agency, a buyer will be obliged to work with that company for a period of time. In return, confidence a buyer shares with that company will be kept confidential. The REALTOR® is also required to offer professional advice, negotiate the best price for the buyer and provide the buyer with as much information required to make the right decision.

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