Check out the Common Winter Conundrums and their Solutions

People in Southern Ontario fights with the aggressive winter tide every year. The form winter takes here is the matter of latitude, longitude and altitude. However, this healthy dose of winter often falls heavy on the homeowners. Apart from dealing with the swirling ice storms and unprecedented snowfall, they also have to bear with their rooftops.

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A recent study by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation shows that taking proper care of roofing Toronto is mandatory for every residence. People residing here face extreme difficulties with their house roofs. With major leaks and damages, sometimes the loss is devastating. Below given are the major signs people need to look for before the situation goes out of control:

  • Leaks originating from the attic or roof
  • Cracks in plaster caused due to extra weight of flurry of snow
  • Jammed door also pose risks
  • Sags on the ridge line

Apart from these minor signs, roofing Toronto has got some major issues too. For those who are brooding over, read on to know the primary roofing problems:

  • Ice Dams: This is one of the common problems causing roof damage. In the case of ice damage, a portion of the rooftop becomes warmer than that of the floor. As a result, snow and ice start to melt and refreeze forming piles.
  • Condensation:  Condensation takes place when warm air meets the cold surface. This phenomenon takes place due to inadequate insulation and irregular ventilation.
  • Tree Limbs: During the snowstorms, trees in Toronto often act as the stormtroopers. They collapse and harm the province. A lot of house roofs get destroyed every year due to the crumbling of tree limbs.
  • Leaky Flashings: Flashings are extremely instrumental when it comes to roofing Toronto. These pieces of metals over the roof’s joints protect the sensitive zone of a house. However, at times these elements become vulnerable causing leaks while fighting the winter blues.

Nevertheless, where there is winter woe, there is a way out! People can avoid all these issues at once by taking the following productive measures:

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  • Ventilation:

The purpose of ventilation is to regulate temperature and airflow inside the roof. Proper ventilation ensures that there’s no extra warm air meeting the colder surface of attic. The experts of roofing Toronto suggest people to have 1 sq. foot of attic ventilation per 300 sq. feet of attic space. However, then exact ratio may vary in accordance with the climate and roof structure.

  • Insulation:

Insulation trumps the roofing issue without any glitch. Earlier people used to opt for roll insulation to regulate temperature. However, with the latest invention, more and more are going with the blown-in-insulation. This is a top-notch product ensuring a better air-tight condition.

  • Inspection:

Lastly, the homeowners must invest in inspecting their roofs at least for once every year. This will help them to identify the potential hazards and fix the same much before time. Individuals can take help of professional roofing Toronto experts to have a clinical inspection. They provide immediate solutions to every issue related to attics or roofs.

That’s a wrap for this season. Consider the tips mentioned above and enjoy the warmth and profound solitude of winter! After all, it’s time to bid goodbye to all the leakages and damages!