Annoying Leaky Basements and Potential Causes Behind Them!

Mostly, things like dingy basement leaks are overlooked by people when it comes to household maintenance. This is a mistake, a leaky basement especially in wet weather conditions if untreated can lead to a tumultuous amount of problems. From, moss and mold accumulation, to an infestation ground for insects, leaky basements can lead to a horde of troubles.

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So, if you’re faced with a leaky basement Toronto, then it’s wise that you contact a basement repair in your town to prevent your home from becoming an unhealthy hub of pests. However, if you’re unsure as to what is causing the basement leaks, the reasons are a few.


Check Them Out:

  1. Unsatisfactory Waterproofing

Do you often face the problem of waterlogging or accumulation around your home when there’s a heavy rain going on? Well, chances are if rainwater is clogging around your home without being diverted from the soil, it can cause flooding and impair the structural veracity of your home. Not to mention, this clogged water will make its way to your basement and lead to accumulation of humid moss and mold, which will eat away the basement’s wall or lead to a dingy uncomfortable ambiance.

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  1. Leaky Plumbing

Another culprit behind the condition of your leaky basement Toronto is faulty plumbing. So, say you’re facing issues with garbage disposal, slow drains, and flooding etc. then chances are you have a leaky plumbing issue.

So, to avoid such scenarios, check for cracks, and clogs in the pipe to resolve issues at the basic level. If left untreated these problems may lead to the pipe bursting and causing damage that will cost heavy dollars to repair.

  1. Ineffective Sump Pump

With a clogged or impaired sump pump, drainage is blocked which can lead to potential water clogging. So, to avoid a leaky basement Toronto, ensure that your sump pump is properly maintained and cleaned. A properly maintained sump pump will channelize extra water and turn it away from the home during inclement. So, this will help prevent chances of a leaky basement.

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  1. Cracks

Cracks are the major perpetrators behind your leaky basement Toronto. So, let’s assume there’s a small hole in the window, or a door with improper sealing then this will result in damp cold air from entering the basement and making it humid and wet. The wet climate will lead to condensation and clogging of water, along with the formation of rust and mold. As a result, the basement becomes moist, dingy and dark with potential risks of pest infestation.

So, now that you’ve identified the potential causes behind your leaky basement Toronto, hurry and take the remedial steps. Either contact a basement repair in town or fix the issue yourself if possible. Remember, apart from the several health issues, a dingy basement also leads to lowering the retail value of a home. So, don’t let the problem of moist basement stem into something big, and fix it at the roots. Good Luck!